Rachael E. Bonoan, ecologist doing fieldwork

Hi, I’m Dr. Bonoan!

I love thinking about food.

More specifically, I enjoy thinking about when food is available to insects and how this availability affects insect health and nutrition. Insect pollinators are a great system for my research because we can observe and quantify their food sources–flowers! Insect pollinators visit flowers to collect protein-rich pollen and/or carbohydrate-rich nectar.

Current Members

Isabelle Heron
Environmental Biology
UG 2023

Student researcher, Matt Look, installing bee hotel

Matt Look
Environmental Biology, Business
UG 2022

Student researcher, Alexa Pudlo, identifying bees

Alexa Pudlo
Environmental Biology
UG 2022

Interested in joining us?

Send me an email or stop by my office!

Ruane Center for the Humanities, 234
Providence College, Biology Department
1 Cunningham Square, Providence, RI


Past Members

Greyson Ciesluk
UG 2021