In the Bonoan Lab we study insect pollinator nutritional & behavioral ecology.

We’re passionate about ecology, social insects, insect pollinators, and science communication!

Lab Happenings

Bees in trees

Bees are responsible for the production of approximately one-third of the food we eat. Accordingly, their decline has received attention in the media as well as in conservation biology. While the honey bee (Apis mellifera) […]

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Student research highlight

Check out Providence College’s most recent Student Research Highlight to learn about what Environmental Biology major Alexa Pudlo has been working on in the lab! You can read more about Alexa’s work on Westerly Land […]

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Lab Pledge

Lab pledge poster

In the Bonoan Lab, we believe: science is real, love is love, black lives matter, feminism is for everyone, insect pollinators are cool, immigrants are welcome.​

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