Foundations in Environmental Biology
Providence College, BIO 202

This course introduces the basic principles of environmental biology, ecology, and the relationship between humans and the natural world. This course will be a broad survey of environmental science with emphasis on understanding its core foundation. The foundational components of biology, geology, biogeochemistry, and ecology will be covered, this foundation will be highlighting by current events, global and international issues, and case studies. 

Environmental Methods & Statistics with Lab
Providence College, BIO 340

This course introduces students to the principles of probability, likelihood, and model competition/selection that underpin data analysis and interpretation in environmental science. Students will learn to analyze and visualize data using the open-source statistics program, R. Over the semester, students will manage and summarize data, test hypotheses, analyze data, interpret results, and communicate their findings.

Pollination Ecology with Lab
Providence College, BIO 476

What is the current state of our insect pollinators? How do insect pollinators contribute to food security? What factors contribute to the recent population decline? What can we do to help? In this course, students will (1) answer the above questions and others while learning about insect pollinators and the plants they interact with, (2) become familiar with reading and understanding scholarly research articles, (3) learn field techniques for studying insect pollinators and the plants they visit, (4) explore how understanding basic science can help in the development of applied real-world solutions, and (5) develop oral and written communication skills.

Past teaching experience
Pollination Ecology students doing fieldwork
Checking out Tufts Pollinator Initiative garden with Bees to Beetles students.
Photo: Tufts University ExCollege

Field Instructor
Tropical Ecology and Conservation
Tufts University

From Bees to Beetles: Insect Pollinators and Real-World Science
Tufts University