Bees and Butterflies with Dr. B (Part 2)

You can now watch Part 2 of my PC Experts interview, just in time for the end of summer break here at Providence College! Learn about where my lab does fieldwork, how you can help #savethebees (shoutout to Tufts Pollinator Initiative and The Pollinator Partnership!), and how you can help my lab collect insect pollinator […]

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Bees and Butterflies with Dr. B (Part 1)

I recently chatted with Providence College Public Affairs about the teaching and research I’ve done during my first year here. Learn about bees, butterflies, and caterpillars in Part 1 of my “PC Experts” interview.

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Pollinator research at Westerly Land Trust

Post written by Aelxa Pudlo Alexa is a rising senior majoring in Environmental Biology at Providence College and a Walsh Student Research Fellow. Unlike the well known honey bee, many wild bee species are solitary and do not live in a colony with thousands of their relatives. Solitary (and sometimes semi-social, or gregarious) bees burrow into the ground […]

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