Since 2000, the Rhode Island Natural History Survey (RINHS) has been hosting an annual BioBlitz at a different site in Rhode Island. A BioBlitz is a 24-hour event, aptly described by my Providence College colleague James Waters, as “Coachella for nerds.” Over the 24-hours, natural history enthusiasts, community scientists, and taxonomic experts work together to collect and identify as many species of animals, plants, and fungi as they can.

This year, I co-captained Team Bees & Wasps with Katie Burns (Pollinator Entomologist, RIDEM Division of Fish & Wildlife). Our team of 21 members identified 18 bee species, 8 wasp species, and 1 sawfly species. We released most of our specimen after identification, but kept a few to add to our RI Pollinator Reference Collection, which is kept in our lab at Providence College, and used for research and outreach.

Cannot wait to see what we find next year!